artist and teach​er

mary beth magyar


Artist Statement

​Rituals and cycles are central to my work. Death is the ending and a beginning to the life cycle. The transition between the two is where I like to look and interpret. Clay, wax, metal, and fire are all prevalent to ritualize life and death. My ceramics involves making a series of similar organic forms treated with smoke and fire. They are then arranged in a way to symbolically emulate a life cycle. The metal is used for structure, varying sizes and connecting the pieces together. The metal winds and gather on the ceramic pieces not unlike vines and plants. Fire and death are interchangeable; both represent a beginning and an ending. Fire is also a natural catalyst for change in the natural realm. Fire is used to make my work and I employ it to finish my work. Lately I have focused on ecotones; a region of transition between two biological communities. My environments are interpretations of when the ecotone is between nature and humans and how that changes or reinvents a life cycle.