Community Work

mary beth magyar


Ceramic Mandalas made with ALC classes Spring 2018

I work with Alexis Zacariello at The Rochester Public School's Alternative Learning Center. It is an inclusive, accepting place for 7th-12th grade students to go that aren't thriving in a traditional school setting. I work with Alexis and the students on various projects, from presentations, connecting with other artists and art professionals and trying new techniques.


Raku Fire in April 2019 with guest ceramist

Lisa Truax, a ceramics Professor at St. Mary's in Winona, MN.

I was born and raised mostly in California but have lived all over the country. I received a painting degree from Michigan State University. After college I worked for Graphicstudio in Tampa, Florida and produced relief sculptures for Richard Anuskiewicz and Robert Stackhouse. In Virginia I took classes with Carlton Newton, William Bennett and started an artists cooperative, Bozart. I started a family and my professional life went dormant. In 2014 after a move to Minnesota I restarted my art career. I currently reside in Rochester. My work and inspiration are primarily drawn from the environment. I am particularly drawn to life cycles and that small space where it could be the beginning or the ending. Clay is limitless and I enjoy the processes necessary. I combine clay with metal elements as a way to make larger pieces and environments, the metal evoking vines, branches and providing connections within materials.  My work continues to evolve and reflect larger landscapes.